5 Toddler Fashions Trends You Need to Know About

Want to dress your kid in style? Wonder how to mix style, functionality, and comfort? In this case, keep an eye on the latest toddler fashion trends!

From patterned tights and leggings to hoods with ears, this year's trends appeal to the most fashionable kids. Plus, they're comfy and practical.

In 2018, everything is allowed. You can mix different styles, play with colors, and combine all sorts of fabrics. For instance, you could dress your girl in a basic white T-shirt and a precious tutu skirt.

As a parent, you'll have a ton of fun shopping for kids' clothing. The only limit is your creativity. These cool toddler fashion trends are awesome to start with:

Quilted Jackets

Back in 2016, Britain's Prince George of Cambridge wore a gorgeous blue quilted jacket on his first day of school. Over the years, this trend took the world by storm.

Quilted jackets are both stylish and comfortable. Plus, your kid can wear one just about anywhere. It's a great outfit for school, play, and everything in between.

Printed Tees

Printed tees are never out of style. They go well with jeans, pants, skirts, denim jackets, and cardigans. Plus, you can choose from thousands of fun prints that reflect your kid's personality.

If your child has a sweet tooth, you can't go wrong with this awesome tee. It has the message "Cookies rule everything around me" printed on the front side, and looks really cool.

Or perhaps your kid loves to pose on Instagram? Get him this tee with the message "Follow me, bro." It's a surefire way to boost his popularity online!

Novelty Shoes

Back in our days, we used to wear sneakers with lights in the soles. Today, our kids have far more options.

The latest toddler fashion trends include animal booties, smiley face 3D slippers, unicorn wellies, and much more. Novelty shoes are all the rage, so get a pair for your kid before they go out of style!

Functional Outdoor Wear

Known as the exploration trend, functional outdoor wear appeals to active children. Hiking boots, hooded vests, loose chinos, and messenger bags will make your toddler look like a real adventurer!

Feed his passion for the outdoors with a stylish yet practical outfit. This way, he will feel free to explore the surroundings and play outside rather than staying glued to the screen.

Classic Hipster

The word hipster is usually associated with a bearded guy wearing loose clothes, big glasses, and hoodies. However, this isn't always the case.

The hipster look for children features vintage elements, bold prints, and retro infusions. It's a perfect choice for kids who want to undeniably cool from the start.

Dress your toddler in a printed T-shirt, a denim jacket, and boyfriend jeans. Add a fedora hat and a stylish scarf to the mix for a distinctive look. There are no rules on how to mix and match colors or styles, so let your creative juices flow!

Discover the Latest Toddler Fashion Trends

These are just a few of the latest trends in fashion for toddlers. Expect to see lots of bold and geometric shapes, structured woven tops, layered pockets, smock dresses, and ruffles skirts.

When shopping for children's clothes, think about your kid's style and personality. Show him some cool outfits online and let him choose. From there, you can match the latest toddler fashion trends with the stuff he already has in his wardrobe.

Ready to go shopping? Make sure you first check out our blog to discover the most popular styles!


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