5 Inspiring Kids Bedroom Ideas


When decorating a kid's room, most parents don't know where to start. It can be overwhelming to decorate on behalf of others, especially when you want to capture the whimsical nature of a child. So, most parents resort to painting the walls bright colors and stuffing the room full of toys, books, and accent rugs.

However, all the clutter and colors can be incredibly overwhelming for your child. Their room should not only be a play area. It should be a place of rest and relaxation as well. In order to capture both of these concepts, it's important to know how to balance neutrals and pops of color.

If you're running out of kids bedroom ideas or need some inspiration, follow along! We'll show you how to achieve the perfect balance between fun and relaxation.

5 Kids Bedroom Ideas For Room Inspiration

1. Simple Loft Beds

Loft beds can be a practical way to simplify a room while adding style. They are common in dorm rooms but can be used for small children as well. Pick simple colors, like white or browns, in order to make the loft bed blend into the background.

This bed is a great example of how to use a soft brown wood to create a streamlined but cozy look. Loft beds also allow for better use of space and are great for organization.

2. A Reading Nook

Reading nooks can on take many shapes and sizes. You could pick a corner of the room, decorate it with a neutral rug and colorful pillows, and set small bookcases along the sides of the walls.

However, for a more magical look, consider hanging a piece of see-through fabric from the ceiling in a canopy or mosquito net fashion like this one. You can DIY this project for cheap if you buy the fabric at a fabric store and make a ring out of a piece of metal or you can find great deals online! Consider making it extra magical by adding some fairy lights as a finishing touch.

3. Colorful Accents

If you decide to paint the walls neutral, which is recommended for a more organized look, you can go crazy with accents. Colorful books, rugs, pillows, and duvet covers can bring a neutral room to life. Ask your little one what he or she wants to make it extra special for them.

4. Wall Decals

Geometric wall decals can be a great way to accessorize a naked wall. They will blend in with the rest of your decor due to their simple design and neutral color palette. If you're feeling a bit bolder or you have a very small child, have fun with this one! There are tons of animal, phrase, and 3D decals out there.

5. Toy Displays

Putting your kiddo's favorite toys on display can be a great way to make their room truly theirs. Install small white shelves on one side of the room, low enough so they can reach them. This way, they can display all their favorite toys, action figures, or dolls while still being able to play with them!

Wrapping Up

Kid's rooms don't need to look cluttered, overwhelming, or bright to be fun and relaxing spaces for them. Going the neutral route ensures that your pops of color will be more noticed but that your little one can still find it easy to relax and sleep at night.

If this list of kids bedroom ideas inspired you, don't hesitate to check our other content out. We can give you the low-down on all things kid related, including fashion!


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