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5 Inspiring Kids Bedroom Ideas

  When decorating a kid's room, most parents don't know where to start. It can be overwhelming to decorate on behalf of others, especially when you want to capture the whimsical nature of a child. So, most parents resort to painting the walls bright colors and stuffing the room full of toys, books, and accent rugs. However, all the clutter and colors can be incredibly overwhelming for your child. Their room should not only be a play area. It should be a place of rest and relaxation as well. In order to capture both of these concepts, it's important to know how to balance neutrals and pops of color. If you're running out of kids bedroom ideas or need some...

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Cute and High-Quality: Why Parents Are Splurging On Cool Kids Clothes

Why Parents Are Splurging On Cool Kids Clothes Out of 1,000 moms, over 50% expect they'll spend more on clothing than any other school products. When it comes to kids clothes, the average family of four spends around $800 a year on back-to-school clothes. There are so many high-quality options for cool kids clothes. If you're going to spend your hard-earned money, make sure the clothes are stylish and high quality. Read on to learn more about why parents are splurging on cool kids clothes. Cool Kids Clothes What makes kids clothes cool? Most parents rate quality and durability as two of the most important factors. But comfort and style also rate high. More than 80% of parents want their...

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